January 30, 2023

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Monday, January 30, 2023


OKLAHOMA CITY— The IPRA (International Professional Rodeo Association) announced today that they have been acquired Rodeo Logistics. The acquisition brings together two companies that share a passion for expanding the sport of rodeo and improving rodeo athlete’s lives through innovation and long-term thinking.

“We are very proud of what the IPRA has built over the last 65 years,” said IPRA General Manager, Dale Yergian. “While the IPRA has grown and flourished during this period, the board of directors of the IPRA, together with Rodeo Alliance, have determined that the IPRA and its members will benefit immensely from this acquisition. Under its leadership, we believe Rodeo Logistics will grow and enhance the IPRA immediately and far into the future.”

Over the past 65 years, the IPRA has become the sport’s second-largest professional rodeo association sanctioning over 400 rodeos annually. The IPRA has a membership base of over 2,700 members and currently sanctions rodeos across the United States and Canada.

“Since opening our doors, It’s been our mission to create the best experience for rodeo athletes and producers through technology,” said Rodeo Logistics CEO, Gary McKinney. “By working with the IPRA and integrating technology in several key areas, we can change the landscape of rodeo for athletes and producers, and fans. This acquisition is part of our commitment to the future of rodeo.”

McKinney also noted that Yerigan will continue to manage the day-to-day business of the IPRA.

Since its inception, Rodeo Logistics has been a market leader, having launched industry-disrupting technologies such as; The Virtual Rodeo Qualifier, Open Stalls, Rodeo Entry Tool, and PBR’s (Professional Bull Riders) Mechanical Bull Rider. In mid-December, Rodeo Logistics also announced they acquired a majority interest in EquiTech Holdings and RopeMetrics, merging the top three technology firms operating in the Western Sports landscape.

“We expect that IPRA members will be able to use Rodeo Logistics’ technologies once this acquisition is complete,” said Yerigan. “Rodeo Logistics offers not only mobile rodeo entry capabilities but also event management, stall, and RV reservation capabilities as well as several other online conveniences. This will only benefit the IPRA as a whole.”

Here’s what will be new and what IPRA Members can expect as the companies integrate:

  • Increase prize money and stock leases at the IFR54 (January 2024).
    • Increase the payoff to $500,000 and increase the riding event stock lease to $1,000 per head in the first year following the acquisition. Creating an increase of over $250,000 that will directly benefit IPRA members.
  • Access to all the latest technology to make it easier and more efficient to operate in the IPRA for athletes, contractors/producers, committees, and personnel. 

Founded in 1957 by two rodeo promoters, the Interstate Rodeo Association, IRA, was formed as a rodeo management organization and a sanctioning body. Concerned with expansion west of the Mississippi River, this new group’s primary interest was to enhance rodeo’s credibility with the news media in the east, where fly-by-night rodeos and Wild West Shows and unregulated contests had done much to discredit the sport. The word “Professional” was officially added to the association’s name in 1983 giving birth to the next generation of cowboys and cowgirls in the International Professional Rodeo Association.

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About IPRA: From big cities to small towns, from major league stadiums to portable arenas, the IPRA has become the sports second largest professional rodeo association sanctioning nearly 300 rodeos. The IPRA has a membership base of over 2,700 members and currently sanctions rodeos across the United States. In the last few years the IPRA has also become a powerhouse in Canada sanctioning 40 rodeos there as well.

About Rodeo Logistics: The Austin, Texas based company is taking a different approach to the rodeo industry. Historically, the orchestration of rodeo was led by organizing bodies developing processes for their own business needs independently. Uniquely, Rodeo Logistics is developing its products with the enormous capacity to serve every level of rodeo competition and everyone in the ecosystem including; organizers, athletes, secretaries, committees, producers, promoters and contractors.